American Child Sex Slavery

2019 Facts & Actions

Every TWO MINUTES a child is sold for sex. The United States is one of the primary destinations for an adult seeking sex with a child. All top three US cities for this crime fall within California – the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

The sale of minor girls for sex is one of the FASTEST GROWING black market products in the United States. Pimps and gangs face far less risk, prosecution, and incarceration by trafficking child sex than they do selling illegal drugs. Therefore, the underworld sees their financial future in this “entertainment industry.”

One child can earn a slaveholder $1,000 PER DAY, by being sold more than 20 times. Her body is a renewable resource, unlike drugs, which are consumed. Pimps often earn $1M annually with just 4-5 girls under their violent control. On average, a trafficked minor will last just 4-7 years before she succumbs to violence, disease, or overdose. During her ordeal, she will be raped more than 5,000 times.


What can YOU do?

Talk about this crime to your family, friends, older children, educators, parents, coaches, scout masters, congregations, and communities. Strive to tell five people each week, growing the slavery abolition army in awareness, reporting, and prevention.

Carefully watch over the children & teens in your life – all of them – both in person and online. Supervise closely.

Look for, and report, suspicious activities that “just don’t feel right.” All rescues begin with a red flag and a call.

Volunteer with and to support brave child survivors in their
resilient recovery and restoration.